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In 2009, the internet witnessed a quiet revolution. Bitcoin was released and the first crypto enthusiasts were born.

Bitcoin garnered itself a small community of degens and tech nerds. But over the following years, bitcoin evolved into a global cryptocurrency industry. Today, that industry is valued at more than $3 trillion

Millions of investors worldwide are passionate about crypto and the opportunity it creates for anyone to work towards financial independence.

People are so passionate about crypto, in fact, that countless investors are sporting crypto apparel on a daily basis. It has become a crypto lifestyle, not just an asset on a balance sheet. 

Looking to grab some crypto merchandise for yourself? Check out our guide below for 15 examples of crypto clothing to add to your wardrobe. 

1. Bitcoin Rocketship to the Moon Shirt

Crypto started with bitcoin. It’s the first cryptocurrency and currently the most valuable by market capitalization.

Most crypto investors have at least some bitcoin on their balance sheet. And some bitcoin maximalists even put their entire lifesaving into bitcoin, thanks to its limited supply and ever-increasing demand.

Within the crypt community, the idea of “going to the moon” is when the value of cryptocurrency skyrockets. It goes up so high that we can’t a picture saying it’s gone as high as the moon itself.

This crypto t-shirt features an original design of the figurative bitcoin rocket heading straight for the moon. It’s for those who are passionate about bitcoin and believe it will continue its upward trajectory for decades to come. 

It also displays an interpretation of Satoshi Nakamoto, the anonymous founder of bitcoin. The long-sleeve tee is available in multiple colors. 

2. BTC Accepted Here All-Over Print

Some crypto shirts have beautiful designs printed all over the shirt, rather than just on the chest. The “Bitcoin Accepted Here” shirt plays on the idea that bitcoin will be a common daily currency in the future.

It’s currently accepted as a form of payment by many retailers and other types of businesses. But when space travel becomes the norm, you better believe that most people will be paying for their rocket in crypto, since crypto is where all their wealth was likely made. 

3. Plan B Long-Sleeve Shirt

Not everyone wants crazy, artistic designs on their crypto clothes. Luckily, there are many simple options available for those looking to keep it classy while still spreading the message of crypto.

The Plan B(itcoin) shirt is exactly that. It illuminates the idea that our current financial system is broken. It benefits the few while extorting the many. And it’s not until we break free from this legacy system that the people will benefit and be able to build wealth for themselves.

Plan Bitcoin is the great switch from a broken, centralized, fiat system controlled by the government and corporate bankers to a decentralized system designed for the modern world. 

4. Charles Hoskinson; The Cardano Wizard

Bitcoin isn’t the only cryptocurrency that people are passionate about. There are countless others revolutionizing the world of finance and technology. 

Cardano (ADA) is one such crypto. Founded by the wizard, Dr. Charles Hoskinson, Cardano has exploded in popularity. It has a dedicated community of investors and users.

The Cardano Wizard shirt showcases Mr. Hoskinson as the true wizard we all know him to be. 

5. Vitalik Muscleman Buterin

We can’t talk about revolutionary cryptocurrencies without mentioning the true powerhouse; Ethereum. Ethereum was founded by a team of people. The most prominent figure of the team is Vitalik Buterin who has dedicated his life to the success and adoption of Ethereum.

Ethereum is the foundation for the bulk of decentralized finance (Defi) as well as NFTs. It empowers so much of the crypto space that it only trails bitcoin in terms of the total market cap.

The Vitalik Muscleman Buterin shirt shows Ethereum, represented by Vitallik, holding up the entire world of Defi. It should also make your life because most people are surprised to learn that Vitalik is small and scrawny; the opposite of what is pictured.

Just goes to how you don’t need to be the biggest, strongest person in the world to make the largest impact. 

6. Yearn Finance, Defi Monster

Speaking of Defi, many users of decentralized finance are familiar with Yearn Finance. It’s a powerhouse in the Defi space, with accessibility from multiple networks, from Chainlink to Aave. 

The Yearn Finance shirt design showcases Year as an Octopus with many legs, displaying its ability to support many different cryptocurrencies and networks.

If you’re proud of the fact that you can earn far more money in Defi than a bank would ever pay you, this is the shirt crypto merch. 

7. The Blocks NFT Merch

NFTs and crypto are the same but different. Cryptocurrency and NFTs are both tokens on the blockchain. But NFTs aren’t interchangeable. They are collectibles, usually in the form of art. And they have exploded in popularity in recent months.

The Blocks NFT shirts are perfect for NFT enthusiasts. Various shirts showcase specific NFTs from The Blocks, an NFT collection founded by us at Mr. Block.

The NFT collection, along with our blockchain apparel site, Mrblock.com, is all about building a long-term, community-focused crypto brand and business. 

8. Bitcoin Gold Zip Up Hoodie

Everyone needs a few hoodies in their closet. And you might as well have a crypto hoodie (or two, or five) in your closet as well.

For those who like to keep things simple and cozy, pick up the Bitcoin Gold Wreath Zip Up Hoodie. Bitcoin Gold is a hard fork of the original bitcoin blockchain. 

It represents many things in the new age of finance, including game theory, politics, digital security, and much more. A simple Bitcoin Gold wreath printed on a cotton-poly blend hoodie makes this a great everyday hoodie in the fall or spring.

9. Ripple; The Phoenix Hoodie

Ripple (XRP) is a cryptocurrency that’s been around for quite a while now. It has a tumultuous history with plenty of highs and lows. 

What was once the fourth largest crypto by market cap faced lawsuits by the SEC, sending its value into a freefall. However, Ripple never dies. 

The Phoenix Hoodie represents the resurgence of Ripple as it regained its footing, establishing itself as one of the most prominent cryptocurrencies once again. Show your love for one of the most important crypto success stories with this comfortable XRP pullover

10. Genesis Block BTC Sweatshirt

Looking to buy crypto apparel that stands out from the crowd? Then grab the Genesis Block Bitcoin Sweatshirt.

It’s an all-over printed sweater without a hood. It showcases Satoshi Nakamoto once again, this time representing the very first block in the chain. 

He’s even holding the newspaper from 2009 that he referenced inside the block, forever marking it. The newspaper referenced was from Jan 3, 2009, with a headline stating, “The Times 03/Jan/2009 Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks.”

It’s arguably the most important moment in crypto history, and possibly even our financial history, as it’s the moment a revolution was born. 

It’s a high-quality sweater, made primarily of polyester. It’s made via custom cut and sews, meaning you won’t have any awkward white seems that make the sweater feel cheap. Just because the temperature drops outside, doesn’t mean you have to look boring. Wear this warm, vibrant fleece sweater instead. 

11. Satoshi Zeus Blockchain Hoodie

When it comes to crypto apparel, you can never have too much Satoshi. As the founder of bitcoin and the father of the financial revolution, it’s only natural to hold him in high esteem, just like the gods.

On the Satoshi Zeus hoodie, Satoshi is represented as Zeus, a deity, from who the gift of bitcoin has come forth. 

We’ll never know the true identity of Satoshi Nakamoto. As a result, we will always wonder, always guess, and always dream of discovering who the founder of bitcoin was.

But as is so often the case when pondering the great mysteries of the universe, some things are better left unsolved.

The Satoshi Zeus hoodie comes in multiple colors. It’s a blend of cotton and polyester. It’s lightweight, making it perfect for early fall and late spring, or those in milder climates.

And it’s ultra-comfortable, so you can expect that once you put it on, you’ll never want to take it off. 

12. Crypto Wall Art; The Fall of the Dollar

Crypto merch isn’t limited to clothing. There are plenty of other opportunities to deck out your life with crypto-related goods.

One of the most popular options is wall art. Decorate your home with crypto-focused art to surround yourself with the truth of crypto on a daily basis. 

In the Crypto Capital Storming print, bitcoin and Satoshi are shown storming the US capital. It’s a depiction of both Trump and the dollar falling in the wake of a financial uprising. 

The gatekeepers of the past can no longer prevent the people from taking control of their finances.

The image showcases the events that ensued at the capitol after Trump lost the 2020 election when the White Hosue was stormed and riots broke out.

Much of these events were born out of frustration and pain due to increasing inflation, lost jobs, wage gaps, and general desperation brought about by a broken system.

And of course, bitcoin and Satoshi are present to show the way forward. 

All of our crypto art prints are made of high-quality cotton fabric and come framed in classy, recycled-plastic frames. 

13. El Salvador Goes Crypto Wall Art

2021 was a big year for crypto. And one of the most important events that took place was when El Salvador declared bitcoin as legal tender. 

They became the first nation to do so, and it is a big deal. While many Salvadorians weren’t supportive, the nation charged forth anyways.

The country regularly buys bitcoin to add to its national treasury with many plans to improve local infrastructure, building schools and new communities with the gains produced by the nation’s investments. 

The El Salvador Goes Crypto art print showcases an erupting volcano with President Bukele surfing on a physical bitcoin down the lava flow. 

The country plans to invest in eco-friendly bitcoin mining with the use of energy created from the nations’ volcanos. 

14. Tree of Life Wall Art

When talking about cryptocurrency and revolutionary technology, Elon Musk is always around. In the Tree-of-Life art print, the tree of life is made up of bitcoin. It’s the foundation of youth and the only thing that will propel our society forward. 

Sitting under the tree of life is none other than Elon Musk and Satoshi Nakamoto, two of the most notable figures of the last decade.

Elon is pushing the boundaries of technology with Tesla, Space X, and other ventures. His goal is to make extraterrestrial colonization a reality. As he ushers in the future of humanity, many wonder what his relationship with crypto will be.

It’s likely that we will see both Elon and all of his ventures head for the stars with bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market at his side, even if he has no official relationship with crypto. 

15. Crypto Whales Wall Art

The last example of crypto merch is meant to be a personal inspiration for you as an investor. Everyone wants to be a crypto whale.

Whales are those who have massive investments in any particular cryptocurrency. When they sell off their positions, it has the potential to move markets.

If you’re a crypto whale then in many ways, you’ve made it. But becoming a whale only happens by investing constantly, HODLing for the long-term, and riding the daily waves of the market.

You can’t become a whale by panic selling every time the price drops. It’s those that know how to weather a storm that eventually builds true wealth in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Our Crypto Whales Stack wall art is something you can look at every day in your home to remind you of your goals. 

Investing in Crypto Apparel

Most people wear clothing from brands they believe and brands they support. If you’re a crypto investor, NFT collector, or Defi degen, then it makes sense for you to rock crypto apparel on a regular basis.

You can showcase your love of crypto with the world and encourage others to jump in before they miss the next big wave. 

Head over to our shop today to pick up some high-quality crypto merch

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